dhea jadi ngerti , betapa kita dihargai sebagai ELF oleh SUJU

Dear ELF, stlh beberapa hari komunikasi dengan mgt SuJu, akhirnya sdh ada keputusan. Ada good news dan bad news. Mau dengar yg mana dulu ?
Bad news :

Untuk Super Show 2 mereka sudah full. Manila itu last stop utk SuShow 2. Mereka tidak bisa menambahkan Jakarta ke jadwal mereka. Kitasudah minta dimasukan setelah Kuala Lumpur, tp mereka juga tidak bisa dan setelah Manila juga tidak bisa karena mereka mau record 4th album.
Good NEws :

SuJu sangat tertarik utk perform di Indo. Walaupun mereka tidak bisa kesini utk SuShow 2. Kalau Mereka ada Super Show 3. Mereka akan masukin Indo di list mereka utk SuShow 3. kalian harus sabar yach. Selama kalian msh banyak yg request dan setia terhadap SuJu, kita akan mencoba dtgkan mereka utk SuShow 3

so who are we? who are we E.L.F?
We are ones the support Super Junior NO matter what !
November 6th 2005, is when our ♥ started ~ & it’s going to be everlasting..
May 27th 2006, 13 Fallen angels came together ~
Super Junior you work harder than anyone else, and we will always support you from behind ~

Siwon: They are like the heart which is the most necessart thing while I live…they are like oxygen.

Kyuhyun: Out strong troops that we should hold tight forever….They are the existence that has to be there with us.

Sungmin: I feel like I won’t be able to do anything without E.L.F … Super Junior can sing because of E.L.Fs support :)

Eunhyuk: Even after when I get old I want to sing to them..You guys are so precious to me, don’t change with eachother…

Leeteuk: If E.L.F didn’ exist I would just be an empty shell..Thank you for making me shine.

Ryeowook: Honeslty..they are like everlasting friends ~ I can be together keeping a mutual relationship.

Kibum: They are like the shelter I can rely upon…They encourage me, & inspire me deep into my mind.

Hankyung: All the more important E.L.F thank you so much and I love you.

Yesung: Everlasting realible defender…. I love you

Kanging: Super Junior is poisoned by E.L.F, as we started together let’s end together…

Shindong: I hope we can be one forever

Donghae: I will keep in my heart, even after I die that fact that I met E.L.F
If there were no E.L.F Super Junior wouldn’t exist…, because E.L.F exists Super Junior is eternal. ~ kim Heechul ~

Ok ELF..semoga sampai tahun depan, kita tetap setia dan masih tetap menjadi seorang ELF…

sebab, cuma itu yang kita punya untuk bisa bertemu mereka ^__^

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