that girl was me (dhea, cwe periang yg lucu ) XP

turn & face the strange
just gonna have to be a different girl
time may change me/but I can’t change time

life is a work of art
u gotta paint it colorful
you can make it anything you want
don’t have to stick to any rules
you don’t’ have a high I.Q to succeed in what you do
you just gotta have no doubt,just believe in your self

for all the doubters,non-believers
the cynical that once were dreamers
one of these day u know..that you were wrong!!
I’m sure..

that girl was a wild-child dreamer but she’ll find her self..coz she believe in nothing else
then you look back & u wont to believe..
that girl was me… ^^

armed with an attitude
that she know how to use
she gonna get there anyway she can
Now,she know what she want..
NO ONE is gonna stop her.nothing ever gonna hold her back..

then you look back (AGAIN?*haha)
you waon’t to believe..THAT GIRL WAS ME… ^^

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